About us


Mani Chamber Bricks began its services in 1982 and since then has been supplying quality bricks to our customers. The recognition we have achieved among our customers defines our credibility and quality. As a trusted company, we always give the best to the customers without compromising on quality. We provide good quality bricks and prominent delivery to the customers.

Mani Chamber Bricks coimbatore was established in the year 1982. The factory produces wire cut bricks. The factory covers 30 acres, including production and chamber. We supply brick for construction in and around Coimbatore by our own transportation. We provide affordable brick cost comparable than others.  We are well renowned for Quality Bricks in Coimbatore. We let our clients maximize quality. Our services are about creating innovative infrastructure. We are One of the leading brick manufacturer in Coimbatore, So we do not compromise on quality and promise prominent delivery. Customer Satisfaction makes us unique from others in this arena.



  •    Started 1982
  •    Leading Expert In The Field
  •    Decades of manufacturing experience
  •    Top Leading Brand In Coimbatore


  •    Capacity- 60000 Bricks Daily
  •    Drying Area- 300000 sq.ft
  •    Total Area- 30 acres
  •    Material Handling - Forklift